As of October 6th, 2016, my first-ever foray into the raw and violent world of international gaming has finally gone publico. THE TOMB OF THE KHAN, a short little 52,000-word text-based Choose Your Own Adventure-type game, finally hit the e-shelves of the Apple and Android stores, and Amazon, and maybe some other places, too, that I should probably avoid mentioning.

It was a labor of love  for over a year and a half, as I had to both "learn how to program" from scratch (my only previous programming experience coming from Logo in 2nd grade. Which I also sucked at), and working with "branching narratives," which is a really, really weird way to approach things as a writer. Normally we're indisputed monarchs of our own subreality, but in this case.. we're just pawns like everybody else.

Anyways, TOMB is a departure from my normal stuff, tho it is dark and gory and weird and occasionally funny (to me, at least. LAUGH AT MY JOKES KNAVE). I hope you enjoy playing it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.